Adult Triathlon/Tri-Relay:  750yd swim , 20km bike, 5K run
Adult Duathlon/Du-Relay:  20km bike, 5K run
Kid’s Tri/Tri-Relay:  250yd swim, 3.1m bike, 1 mile run
Kid’s Du/Du-Relay:  3.1m bike, 1 mile run
5K Run: 3.1 miles

Time Description
6:45 Packet Pickup & Day of Registration opens (in YMCA lobby)
7:00 Transition area opens
7:45 Pool opens for kids warm up & Registration closes
8:00 Kids’ Triathlon start with kids’ first wave
8:15 Kids’ Duathlon starts at the transition area and kids second swim wave starts in the pool 

NOTE: We may start the 1st Adult swim wave early if there aren’t two kids waves. Swim Wave Start Times subject to some tweaking on the day of. Please be on deck 15 min before your assigned wave start time.

8:30 1st Adult swim wave starts
8:55 2nd Adult swim wave starts and Duathlon starts out at the transition area
9:15 3rd Adult swim wave starts
9:35 4th Adult swim wave starts
9:50 5th Adult swim wave starts
10:05 5K Run starts
10:45-11:00 Awards distributed

For the Kid’s Tri/Du we would like the age cut off to be 13 but we don’t want to scare the kids away from getting their first experience. We encourage parents to ride along with your kids but just let us know you’re doing so, so we can keep tabs who is out on course.

Packet pickup and registration will start at 6:45am and close at 7:45 am at the Grants Pass YMCA inside the lobby. Address: 1000 Redwood Ave, Grants Pass. There will be plenty of parking in the YMCA parking lot and the dirt field next to it. Please do not block the course which will be marked with chalk arrows.
The transition will open at 7:00am so you can start setting up your transition spot. There is one transition located on the Redwood Hwy. side of the YMCA.  This is where the Duathlon will start.  If you’re part of a team, this is where you will tag your teammate.

The pool will open at 7:00am for the kids to start warming up.
Each wave will have a few minutes before their wave to warm up.

The event will kick off at 8:00am in the pool with the kids’ tri. Come on in and root for those doing the swim, even if you’re not swimming. Parents are encouraged to be there with their kids to get them through the course. The kids’ course will be marked with white spray chalk. At 8:15 am the Kids Du will start out by the transition area.

The Adult Tri will kick off around 8:30am, but we may start it earlier if we don’t have two kids triathlon waves, so stay nearby until we know all the wave times. The duathlon will start at approx. 8:50, out by the transition area.

We will ask at registration what your expected swim time is. Faster swimmers will be in the later waves. Your wave start times will be determined by what you put on your registration. Most of the swim waves will take off every 20 minutes, except the first wave, which will be 25 minutes long and designated for slower/beginner swimmers. Make sure you know which wave you’re in and be in the pool area before your start time. The adult tri/du course will be marked with white spray chalk.
If you’re on a team you will need to tag your teammate before they take off.

No drafting allowed on the bike ride. The transition area will close at 7:45am so please make sure you have all your gear set up before the cut off time, as no one will be allowed into the transition area after 7:45am.  

AID STATIONS and FOOD: There will be water available at the adult bike turn-around (1/2 way point) and 1/2 way on the 5K run route. There will be some food at the end such as bananas, oranges, a baked item and water by the race arch finish line, so help yourselves.

AWARDS: We anticipate it being at about 10:45-11:00. We will be giving out age group ribbons so stick around to see how you placed.

Note: This event is not on a closed course and participants need to be aware of traffic and pedestrians while on course. Participants must obey traffic laws and give pedestrians the right of way. There will be course marshals on course to help guide and to help keep participants safe.