The Siskiyou Sprint Triathlon is the one and only triathlon in Grants Pass!  There isn’t a better early season triathlon to warm up for the Summer events!  

We offer a variety of options and variants of the traditional triathlon format, including individual race, relay style, duathlon, aqua bike, as well as Kid’s shortened courses.  This is a great race to let your kids have a sample of what a individual triathlon or relay triathlon would be like to accomplish! 

The triathlon starting point will take place at the Grants Pass YMCA on Saturday.  You can register at anytime at the link provided at the top of this page.  Online registration is provided until the Thursday before the race at 9pm.  You will be able to register at the race, however come early!  There is a slight “day of” fee of $10 for adults and $5 for kids for late registration.

The Swim is in the spacious YMCA pool, where the race will be orchestrated in heats of 12, with two swimmers per lane.  After the swim leg, the transition area is in the YMCA parking lot, where you will transition to your bikes stationed on a metal rack system.  The bike route is through the neighborhood for a short distance, until you get to a beautiful country road.  The route is a “there and back, so once you have achieved the halfway point of the bike route, you will turn around to complete the bike leg at the Grants Pass YMCA.  The run leg is last, and as you finish with a gorgeous run through the park and cross the Rogue River on the famous footbridge. 

A great way to get a feel for this triathlon/duathlon is to watch the video, courtesy of BioSkin.  For those not quiet wanting a triathlon race, we offer alternatives!  We offer a Duathlon (Bike & Run), an Aquabike (Swim & Bike), and a shortened course Kid’s Triathlon and Duathlon!

As mentioned above, if you or your loved one aren’t quite ready for a Triathlon, you have some options to chose from!  You can sign up a Team of participants to complete a “team triathlon” or “team duathlon”.  This is a relay style, where each participant completes “one leg” of the race.  For the triathlon, we offer the option for 2 or 3 individuals to complete the relay, at your choice.

Prizes will be awarded to the top men and women finisher(s) of each race.  Excellent quality shirts will be available for purchase within the online registration, but purchase yours early as we have to cut off the online purchase 10 days before the race to have the correct amount printed.  We typically offer Recover or Patagonia brand athletic shirts that are light, made of breathable and wicking materials, as well as being Green!  They are made of recycled materials.

Results will be provided online within 48 hours of the conclusion of the race, and will include your age bracket ranking among the finishers!

Register today by clicking this link!


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